Chaque Maine Coon est un chef d’œuvre

Welcome to Oasiscoon!

For the well-being of our cats and the concern of doing the best, we propose a single breed with which we constantly work to improve it. 

Eventually, we want to specialize in less frequent dresses: the spotted (leopard) and the ticked (puma). We realize a great dream and we want to share our beautiful passion with you.

 Thank you very much for your trust 🌷

Mr. Maine Coon & Mrs. Maine Coon

 Our breeders are tested for the following genetic diseases: HCM, SMA, PKD, PKDef  and Fiv / Fevl negative.

 They are all importedwith beautiful lines that are present in the exhibitions.

N.B. Our loves come from serious catteries that also have all their breeders tested.

Our kittens

 are very sociable because they live freely with us and they are used to the canine presence.

Cattery Oasiscoon Maine Coon



The Maine Coon, this sweet giant, impresses with its unconventional size and its wild appearance. If  its origin has given it a rugged hardiness, the Maine Coon adapts  easily to domestic life and makes a  soft companion, affectionate and  without malice.




Buying a pet is a commitment for life.

 We want harmony to be between you and your future kitten. You can ask to be on the waiting list for future litters. When we have a kitten that matches what you are looking for, that's when the official deposit is requested for the reservation. Afterwards, you will regularly receive photos and videos.

Our little Coons are very sociable because they live freely with us and they are used to the canine presence.

All our kittens are fed  with Nutram without grains. You will get a bag to continue the same food for a few weeks. Afterwards, you can change gradually if you wish.

They leave the cattery:
🌷Vaccinated 2x

🌷Dewormed several times
🌷Examined by our vet 2x

The kittens will leave around the twelfth week

*  warranty for hereditary and / or congenital diseases.


Our breeders are tested for the following genetic diseases: 

HCM, SMA, PKD  and  PKDef

FIV/FeLV negative. 

Declawing is strongly discouraged.

To finalize, I also ask to have regular news of the kitten. I  took care of it during the first months of its life with all my  affection and I want to make sure of it well-being in its new family. A small photo and a small word will be welcome.

Thank you very much for your trust 🌷 

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Oasiscoon Maine Coon


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L'oasis du Maine Coon

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